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 Waldo Gallery was founded in 1992 by Ronald Wilson and his daughter (Alexandra) joined the gallery as Managing Director after her graduation from Bryn Mawr College in Art History, and certification from Sotheby's Art Institute in London, England.
After completing his undergraduate education at Howard University, and his graduate education at Southeastern University, he was encouraged by the former curator and director of the Barnett-Aden Collection, the late Adolphus Ealey, to continue his studies and to create works of art himself. Since then he has had great success in the art field, is a published artist and has been featured in art exhibitions across the Washington, DC area. Ronald has been recognized in the Washington Post as a featured artist in the Art of Interpretation exhibition sponsored by his alma mater Howard University and Lexus of Bethesda Maryland, as well as exhibitions at the Washington Gas Corp, Pepco Holdings, Inc. and Central Union Mission's Annual Fundraiser for the homeless. 

After 30 plus years of attending lectures, exhibitions and studying the history of art, Waldo has become well versed in the fine arts field. A virtuoso in creativity that aims to lift the viewer to a higher dimension, and to help facilitate the world's creative, emotional and social growth. Without art, life has no soul.

Member, Maryland State Arts Council


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1993 - PRESENT

Abstract, representational, and mixed media artwork created by Waldo and other artists



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©2021 by Waldo Gallery. All rights reserved

Untitled, Acrylic on canvas

Size: 7.75" x 9.75" Date: 2020 Private Collection